I. Vision

   I will seek to provide quality academic instruction that reaches the heart, challenges the mind, and impacts the world for the glory of God.

II. Core Values

            A. Cultivation of Christian Worldview Thinking

A worldview is simply a way to see the world. Cultivating a Christian worldview means engaging with and applying scripture in all areas of life.

            B. Integration of Critical Thinking Skills

Rote information can be useful; however, it is important to go beneath the surface and be able to analyze information and synthesize one’s own thoughts. As such, courses at Higher Education go beyond simply recalling facts.

            C. Connection to Other Academic Disciplines

Math, science, literature, grammar, and history are not disconnected from faith or one another. Furthermore, faith is not disconnected from reason. Wherever possible, it is important to bring what is being learned in one area in to another area.

            D. Applicability to Life

Students are often reprimanded for asking how this will benefit them in the future, but why? Shouldn’t there be a measure of applicability of what is learned to their lives? Practical application is an essential part of courses at Higher Education.

            E. Relationship and Feedback

Education is not at its best when the instructor and the student are detached and distant. Using the remarkable tools available, my aim is to connect with the student professionally and personally.