Making Payment

  • Payments can me made online via Paypal or sent in by check or money order
  • You can make three monthly payments or one payment for the entire course
  • All payments should be received by the conclusion of the first week of the course or by the first week of each month of the course


  • Should you decide to withdraw from a course you need to complete a withdrawal form by the conclusion of the second week
  • Those who withdraw from a course and have paid in entirety can be refunded for two months ($357)
  • Those who have paid for the month and withdraw from a course can be refunded half the monthly payment ($89.25)

Late Payment

  • If payment is not made by the end of the first week of the course or the month, then the student will be removed from the course until payment is received
  • Students removed from the course will not have access to assignments, grades, etc… until payment is received and will be responsible for completing any work that was missed