Foundations of Christian Leadership

Leadership is no mere buzzword. Learning leadership skills while in high school will benefit students throughout college and their careers. This course is designed to expose students to specific leadership theories and cultivate leadership characteristics. Key elements within the course will include the following.

  • The significance of emotional intelligence
  • Navigating change successfully
  • Servant leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leading in the 21st century

Foundations of Studying God’s Word

God’s word is worth being studied well. This course is designed to develop the key aspects of understanding, interpreting, and applying the Bible. Through learning about the Bible’s history and cultivating biblical study skills, students will grow in their ability to interpret scripture. Key elements within the course will include the following.

  • Preparing to study the Word of God with the appropriate perspective
  • Understanding the reliability of Scripture
  • Studying the history of Scripture
  • Learning to understand passages in context
  • Make practical application of biblical truths
  • Research, prepare, and present devotions using basic interpretive principles

Foundations of Defending Your Faith

Apologetics is simply defending the faith. This course is designed to equip students to understand, defend, and share their faith with confidence. Key elements within the course will include the following.

  • Understand the reliability of Scripture
  • Be prepared to make sense of your faith amidst tragedy
  • Study key elements of the historical Jesus and how it authenticates the Christian faith
  • Integrate philosophical, moral, and scientific arguments for the existence of God
  • Engage arguments against the Christian faith from other religions and atheistic worldviews

Algebra 1

Aligned with the NC state standards for Algebra 1, this course will familiarize students with core algebraic concepts in preparation for subsequent math courses. 

  • Google Classroom will be the online learning platform and used for asynchronous assignments
  • Synchronous sessions conducted through Google Meet three times a week
  • Formal and informal assessments will be used to chart student progress
  • A final exam is part of the course to determine mastery of the key concepts